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Cork Grinding & Polishing Wheels​

Grinding wheels

Cork Grinding & Polishing Wheels for Turbine Blades & Saw Blades

The åtto abrasives KF711 Cork bonded wheel range is suitable for the wet and dry grinding, polishing and centerless grinding of saw blanks, cutlery, turbine blades, as well as medical implants

The åtto KF711 range has been specifically designed to offer a flexible bond while maintaining its  abrasive properties. 

Using a flexible grinding wheel provides the opportunity to get the job done right the first time around. Instead of having to take two steps to complete the job, it will only require one.

You can grind quickly, moving through the project efficiently and effectively, and having a more polished end result that doesn’t need much more work on your end.

Using a flexible bond means that the wheel can maintain better contact with the surface, offering a smoother finish. This means that it can offer a better polished finish with excellent stock removal. therefore helping you get the job done in one simple step.

The special composition of the KF711 allows the wheel to adapt to varying conditions without generating excess heat or loading.

The åtto KF711 range  is suitable for use on Manual, Automatic and Robotic machines. You can learn more about our polishing range over on the atto abrasives Polishing products page.