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Cork Grinding & Polishing Wheels​

Grinding wheels

Cork Grinding & Polishing Wheels for Turbine Blades & Saw Blades

The åtto abrasives KF711 Cork bonded wheel range is suitable for the wet and dry grinding, polishing and centerless grinding of saw blanks, cutlery, turbine blades, as well as medical implants

The åtto KF711 range has been specifically designed to offer a flexible bond while maintaining its  abrasive properties. 

Using a flexible grinding wheel provides the opportunity to get the job done right the first time around. Instead of having to take two steps to complete the job, it will only require one.

You can grind quickly, moving through the project efficiently and effectively, and having a more polished end result that doesn’t need much more work on your end.

Using a flexible bond means that the wheel can maintain better contact with the surface, offering a smoother finish. This means that it can offer a better polished finish with excellent stock removal. therefore helping you get the job done in one simple step.

The special composition of the KF711 allows the wheel to adapt to varying conditions without generating excess heat or loading.

The åtto KF711 range  is suitable for use on Manual, Automatic and Robotic machines. You can learn more about our polishing range over on the atto abrasives Polishing products page.

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ISO 9001 audit for 2020

We are delighted to announce that åtto abrasives Mexico has successfully completed their ISO 9001 audit for 2020.

Our thanks to all members of the åtto abrasives Mexico team for their hard work, dedication & attention to detail in successfully completing this audit.

We would also like to thank the ISO team for completing this audit during these difficult times.

This certification underlines our commitment to achieving the highest possible manufacturing quality through continuous improvement.
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atto abrasives certifications
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What is centerless grinding?

atto abrasives centerless grinding

What is Centerless grinding?

Centerless grinding is an outer diameter grinding process. In centerless grinding the workpiece is not supported between centers, as is the case in the older cylindrical grinding. The workpiece is supported instead through contact with the grinding wheel, the regulating wheel, and the work blade. So what exactly are these three items?

  • Grinding wheel. A grinding wheel is a wheel composed of an abrasive compound and used for various grinding, and polishing applications.
  • Regulating wheel.The regulating wheel is an abrasive wheel. It is usually made from a rubber bond, its purpose is to hold the workpiece against the grinding wheel, cut pressure, and control the rotation.
  • Work Rest. This is a blade-like device that sits between the opposing wheels. During grinding, the force of the grinding wheel and the regulating wheel pushes the workpiece against the support.

How Centerless Grinding Works

During grinding, the force of the grinding wheel pushes the workpiece into the regulating wheel which operates at a much slower speed than the grinding wheel, and against the support. This is how the workpiece is held, by pressing it between the regulating wheel and the grinding wheel.

The regulating wheel then determines the workpiece’s rotational speed.This controls the speed at which grinding takes place. 

The regulating wheel is a critical element in the generation of roundness in centreless grinding, as the regulating wheel supports the workpiece and positions it during the grinding. The workpiece circumference should simultaneously be in line, contact with the grinding wheel, work rest blade and the regulating wheel. Therefore it is important for the regulating wheel to provide grip to ensure that the workpiece is in the correct position.

Where is centerless grinding used? It is perfect for finishing the outer diameter of small cylindrical metallic parts. Therefore it is used in a range of different industries where this is necessary. These include: 

The automotive industry, for the finishing of high-volume automotive components, such as: valve spools, control rods, camshafts, crankshafts, pistons, sleeves and rollers.

The medical device industry,  for the manufacturing of amongst others: hypodermic needles, cranial drills, cannula, dilators, balloon catheters, catheter shafts and specialty guidewires. 

The aerospace industry, for the manufacturing of titanium and steel rods as well as aerospace fasteners.


Why is centerless grinding used? It is used across many industries as it is great for achieving roundness in metallic parts. It is ideal for finishing the outer diameters of small cylindrical metal parts, for example: fasteners, needles , steel rods etc.

One key benefit  is that due to low set-up and loading times it is great for high volume applications. It is an efficient and productive process for external grinding of cylindrical parts.

Different Types of Centerless Grinding

It has evolved to include three different forms:

thru-feed, in-feed and end-feed centreless grinding & polishing. Our next post will address these different grinding forms.

åtto Abrasives is a long-established manufacturer of abrasive wheels for all grinding applications. This month we are running special offers on our steel cored regulating wheels as well as  our 12″ x 6″ x 5″ rubber bonded regulating wheel (see below). Our range also includes;

  • Work Wheels: in rubber & cork specifications for Grinding & Polishing Applications
  • Regulating (Control) Wheels: to control the rotation of the workpiece
  • Steel Cored Centerless Work Wheels

You can see our centerless grinding range and special offers here at: atto abrasives centerless grinding  

If you have questions regarding centerless grinding, grinding wheels, regulating wheels or any atto abrasives products you can email us here:

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atto abrasives & NASA Mars 2020 Mission

atto abrasives precision cutting

åtto abrasives & NASA Mars 2020 Mission

What is the ultimate test your products can face?

We develop different tests to ensure that our products meet the highest standards, are safe and trustworthy. But what is the actual toughest test that products can face?

The Perseverance rover (aka Percy) will  travel to Mars to seek signs of ancient life and collect rock and soil samples for possible return to Earth.This is a Mission with a duration of at least 687 Earth days or one Mars year.

During this time the rover will depart from Cape Canaveral, travel through the Earths atmosphere, journey to Jezero Crater, Mars, land travel across unexplored terrain and seek signs of ancient life. We cannot develop a more comprehensive product test than this.

For this mission  to be a success NASA requires the best products be used in the making of the Perseverance rover. Many companies both large & small played a role in this project. To ensure the most technically advanced rover was created abrasive cut-off wheels play a key role.

åtto abrasives cut-off wheels played a key role in the manufacturing process for the specialised aerospace fasteners developed by Pilgrim screw corp specifically for this NASA Mars 2020 mission. 

 Perseverance rover (aka Percy)

atto abrasives cut-off wheels

We do not believe you can receive a better review or recommendation for our products than knowing they are used in the manufacturing of the most advanced mission to Mars so far. 

But if you want to learn more about our precision cutting range you can learn more by selecting the button below.

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Why use Rubber bonded cut off wheels

Rubber bonded cutting wheels

Rubber Bonded Cutting Wheel Range

åtto abrasives

At åtto Abrasives we manufacture a range of cut-off wheels (åtto  abrasives precision cutting range) to meet the unique requirements of our customers. We have a wide variety of bonds and specifications availablem and the capacity to create customised products.

But why use these rubber bonded cutting products? Rubber-bonded cut-off wheels are used wherever high demands on the cut and the dimensional accuracy of the cut are made. 

åtto abrasives Rubber bonded cut-off wheels questions

  • Why use Rubber Bonded Cut-off wheels?

åtto abrasives Rubber bonded abrasive cutting wheels are manufactured to allow low temperature, precision cutting of a wide variety of materials. This will allow you to cut a wide variety of metals. By operating at low temperatures no buring during cutting will occur.

  • What are the Benefits of using a rubber-bonded cutting wheel?

Rubber bonded cutting wheels provide a variety of different benefits. These include:

  • Precise Burr Free Cut
  • No Alteration of Material Characteristics
  • High Operating Speed
  • Superior Finish
  • Minimum Heating
  •  Long Wheel Life
  • Cost-Effective
  • Are Rubber bonded cutting wheels used with a coolant?

These wheels are best suited for cutting with a coolant. The åtto abrasives range also provides cutting wheels suitable for dry cutting. The recommended coolant to use is with water and a 3% soluble rust inhibitor added. Oil based coolants are not recommended.

  • What is the maximum operating speed for rubber cutting wheels?

Always check the speed specified with the wheels before use. Most rubber cutting wheels are rated to 60 m/sec but special bonds are available for higher speeds. The recommended operating speed for each atto abrasive cutting wheel will be displayed with the products.

  • What is the recommended operating speed for rubber cutting wheels?

Rubber cutting wheels perform best at between 40% and 60% of the maximum operating speed. Never exceed the stated maximum operating speed. The Cutting speeds vary according to section size and material being cut, the recommended operating speed will be displayed with the cutting wheel.

The åtto  abrasives range of precision cutting products have been developed by our technical and R&D teams, over our 25+ years experience. These products are specifically manufactured to match the metallic materials which they are cutting.

When working with tight tolerances and tricky metals, it is important to select the correct cutting product for the material you are working with.

atto abrasives precision cutting

To get the best product to suit your specific needs our technical team can select a suitable abrasive type & size as well as the bond type (e.g. Resinoid/Rubber), to create the perfect cut-off wheel for your application.  

If the product you are looking for is not available from our web-shop other sizes and specifications can be manufactured to suit your needs. We can work to a thickness tolerance of 0.02 mm so send in your requirements here and let us assist you.

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Business continues despite covid-19

atto abrasives

atto Abrasives remains open for business. 

In these exceptional times, we want to offer you our assistance & let you know how we are doing.

atto Abrasives is operational and continues to support our customers worldwide from our offices in Ireland, the USA, and Mexico. 

Our priority is the health & safety of our employees, customers, and communities.

Where possible, colleagues are working from home. For our Production colleagues, we have introduced additional measures to enhance safety & provide adequate social distancing.  In addition to our normal technical support, we are available to share our experiences & offer our assistance on logistics, shipping, etc. 

In these times of crisis, there are opportunities for change that will enrich our lives & society. It is important to remain optimistic, embrace the increasing co-operation and look forward to brighter days.

Stay safe & keep in touch,

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Metallurgy consumables range åtto Abrasives

Metallurgy consumables range åtto abrasives

Atto metallurgy consumables play a key part in metallurgical sampling. Metallurgical Sampling is a key part of Metallography and metal testing. Metallography is the study of the microstructure of metals. Metallography is used to determine if the material has been properly prepared and is of a reliable structure. This is essential in todays fast changing industries with everchanging metallic materials being used.

The finished material can be affected by different factors ranging from alloy composition to processing conditions such as; cold working, heat treatment, and welding. Therefore for industries such as aerospace & automotive it is essential to test the quality of metal materials being used.

Metallurgical Sampling

When testing metals, a sample is taken from the metal being tested, this refers to the metallurgical sampling. When doing this,  it is important to use the correct cutting wheel (metallurgy consumable) for the material being tested. Choosing a metallurgical sampling wheel involves considering  factors such as surface speed (SFM) for a given wheel diameter and the type of cooling system employed.

However, the primary factor is the hardness of the material being cut. There are several different hardness charts which you may use.  We use the Vickers Hardness HV scale, but you can easily find conversion charts.

By selecting the correct wheel to match the material being tested  you avoid making any changes to the metallurgical sample. Using the incorrect metallurgical cutting wheel can lead to burning or altering of the material before tests are carried out. 

At åtto Abrasives we have developed our range of resinoid and rubber bonded precision cut-off wheels to match all types of metallic metals. These include metallurgical sampling cut-off wheels for ferrous & non ferrous metals as well as hard and soft metals.

 The åtto Abrasives metallurgial sampling range can be matched to the specific material that you are testing. Four Specifications each matching a
specific range of material hardnesses are available here.
N – Soft Ferrous Metals 0 – 300 (HV)
M – Medium Ferrous Metals 300 – 500 (HV)
L – Hard Ferrous Metals 500+ (HV)
Q – Non-Ferrous 0 – 300(HV)

These will provide a burr-free high precision cut. While they will also generate little to no heat. The åtto abrasives range is available in a wide range of sizes depending on your requirements.

For technical support or for just more advice on product selection and usage feel free to reach out to us. By email, phone or through the contact form here.

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New site launched!

Thanks for visiting our new site! Our new site and new features including a web-shop have been in development for a while now and we’re delighted to finally introduce it to our dedicated customers and visitors. Any feedback regarding our new site is greatly appreciated!

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ISO 9001

ISO certification across all production facilities

We are delighted to announce that both of our production facilities have earned their updated ISO certificate. This is testament to all of our employees hard work and dedication.

Thank you all very much.