Air travel has shaped the world we live in today, advances in space travel technologies are expected to shape the world of tomorrow. The aerospace industry is at the forefront of technological & engineering innovations. Aerospace engineering embraces the design and development of all types of aircraft, including airplanes, helicopters, satellites and spacecraft.

Every part and component used in aerospace manufacturing must meet the utmost quality standards, and this is where we play our part. At åtto we develop and manufacture specialised abrasives for applications across the aerospace sector.

Directly and through our worldwide distribution network, åtto supports many of the global leaders with our premium quality abrasive products.

We work with our customers in various regions of the aerospace sector to develop innovative abrasive solutions which offer increased productivity, minimize operating costs and deliver superior product performance. Specific application examples include:

Turbine Blade Manufacture:

We manufacture a full range of abrasive wheels for turbine blade manufacture. Our selection includes specifications for stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, inconel, hastelloy, etc. We offer abrasive wheels suitable for de-burring, grinding, blending and polishing.

Aerospace Fastener Manufacture

Precision Cutting Wheels:
We manufacture precision abrasive cut off wheels for accurate, burr free cutting of fastener materials. Specifications are available for wet or dry cutting of inconel, titanium, tungsten stainless steel, A286, etc.


Taper Roller Bearing Manufacture

Centerless Wheels:

  • Centerless regulating / feed wheel: standard and slotted centerless regulating wheels.
  • Centerless work wheels in rubber & cork bonds for grinding and polishing taper roller bearings.