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Air travel has shaped the world we live in today, advances in space travel technologies are expected to shape the world of tomorrow. The aerospace industry is at the forefront of technological & engineering innovations. Aerospace engineering embraces the design and development of all types of aircraft, including airplanes, helicopters, satellites and spacecraft.

The aerospace industry has experiences significant growth over the past decade. It was estimated that nearly 30,000 new commercial passenger aircraft will be required by 2030 to meet rising global demand. It is unclear how much this estimate will be affected by the recent covid-19 pandemic, but the growth forecast for the aerospace industry is still positive.

Every part and component used in aerospace manufacturing must meet the utmost quality standards, and this is where we play our part.  Abrasive machining is a key material removal process utilised in the production of aeroengine components. At åtto we develop and manufacture specialised abrasives for applications across the entire aerospace sector.

Grinding wheel selection

Correct grinding wheel selection is essential to ensure you receive the required finished part quality with the optimum cycle time. When selecting the most appropriate grinding wheel among the factors to consider are;

  • Abrasive grit type & size
  • Bond structure
  • Hardness & friability
  •  If you require our assistance with wheel selection, please fill out the form below and we will be in tousch with you as soon as possible.

Product Matching & Customization

Send in your requirements and let us assist you in finding the correct product for your application.

åtto Abrasives Aerospace Customers

Directly and through our worldwide distribution network, åtto supports many of the global leaders with our premium quality abrasive products.

We work with our customers in various regions of the aerospace sector to develop innovative abrasive solutions which offer increased productivity, minimize operating costs and deliver superior product performance. 

Turbine Blade Manufacturing

Grinding & polishing are essential operations in the machining of critical turbine engine components. This is due to the strict requirement for achieving tight dimensional tolerances .Tight dimensional tolerances  coupled with superior surface finishes are necessary.

Manufacturing turbine engine parts can be a high cost and risk endeavor, due to the tight tolerances required of the complex machined and cast components.

The entire value of the part hinges on the part finish quality. Therefore using the correct abrasives product is essential in achieving a high quality finish.

Selecting the correct abrasive wheel is paramount. åtto manufactures a range of abrasive wheels for turbine blade grinding & polishing. We offer specifications for  various materials used in the aeropace industry, including titanium, Inconel, nickel based alloys, stainless steel, etc.


Deburring is the process of removing burrs and bringing the geometry of the part within acceptable tolerance.

Burrs are unintentional formations of the manufacturing process. They are subjective features on a workpiece when either too much material has been removed or remains.

Burrs can be classified into four types according to Gillespie and Blotter, as shown in the image to the right.

  • If you require our assistance with wheel selection for deburring, please follow the  “Request more information” button below and share your specific conditions.
Turbine Manufacturing atto abrasives
Four Different Types of Burr

Fastener Manufacturing

Precision Cutting Wheels:

We manufacture precision abrasive cut off wheels for accurate, burr free cutting of fastener materials. Specifications are available for wet or dry cutting of inconel, titanium, tungsten stainless steel, A286, etc.

Stainless steel is typically utilised for the manufacture of jet engine shafts and aircraft structural components such as fasteners and landing gears requiring elevated strength, high fracture toughness and exceptional ability to withstand stress corrosion cracking.

Rubber bonded cutting wheel
åtto precision cutting range

åtto Abrasives Centerless Grinding Range

åtto Abrasives is a long-established manufacturer of abrasive wheels for centreless grinding applications. Our range includes;

  • Centerless Work Wheels: in rubber & cork specifications for Grinding & Polishing Applications
  • Centerless Regulating (Control) Wheels: to control the rotation of the workpiece
  • Cored Centerless Work Wheels

Centerless Grinding is an OD (Outside Diameter) grinding

atto abrasives centerless grinding