12Inch Regulating Feed Wheel

Rubber Bonded Regulating Wheel 

  • Size: 12″ x 4″ x 5″
  • Type 1. (No Recess)
  • Specification: A80-R-R
  • Suitable for in-feed, end-feed and through-feed applications
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åtto abrasives Centerless grinding wheels are manufactured through a calendering process, and are mounted and balanced. This allows for optimum performance. The åtto abrasives Rubber Bonded Regulating  Feed Wheels are suitable for in-feed, end-feed and through-feed applications, and provide:

Wheel Diameter (Inches) 12
Wheel Width (Inches) 4
Hole Size (Inches) 5
Wheel Type Type 1.
Recess Type No Recess
Specification A80-R-R
Abrasive Type Aluminum Oxide
Grit 80