14 Inch Regulating Feed wheel

Rubber Bonded Regulating Wheel 

  • Size: 14″ x 8″ x 5″
  • Type 7 (Recess Both Sides)
  • Specification: A80-R-R
  • Suitable for in-feed, end-feed and through-feed applications

Send in your requirements for special sizes, specifications, recesses or large order quantities by email: michaeledward@attoabrasives.com



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åtto Abrasives Rubber-Bonded Feed / Regulating wheel. 

This åtto Rubber Bonded Regulating Wheel is part of the atto abrasives centerless range. åtto Abrasives is a long-established manufacturer of abrasive wheels for centreless grinding applications.

The centreless grinding process is ideally suited to applications requiring high production rates of cylindrical components. These applications include manufacturing: taper roller bearings, chrome bar, shafts, tubing, etc. Centreless grinding has evolved to include, thru- feed, in-feed and end-feed centreless grinding & polishing.  

åtto abrasives range of centerless grinding products provide:

  • Consistency
  • Versatility
  • Improved Gripping Power
  • Longer Wheel Life
  • Superior Performance

Non-standard (e.g. slotted) & special sizes are routinely manufactured

Wheel Diameter (Inches) 14″ 
Wheel Width (Inches) 8″ 
Hole Size (Inches) 5″ 
Wheel Type Type 7.
Abrasive Material Aluminum Oxide
Grit 80
Recess Depth (Inches) 8″ 
Recess Diameter (Inches) 1-1/2″ 
Wheel Hardness R
Bond Type Rubber
Opposite Side Recess Depth (Inches) 8″ 
Opposite Site Recess Diameter (Inches) 2″ 
Specification A80-R-R
Maximum RPM 800
Wheel Hardness Rating Hard
  • Send in your requirements for special sizes. Alternative specifications, recesses or large order quantities can be requested by email here: michaeledward@attoabrasives.com

Additional information

Weight 46.00 kg

No, Unsure, Yes

Recess sides

(RBS) recess both sides, (ROS) recess one side, No recess, Unsure


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