Product Analysis

Choosing the Correct Abrasive

If you are not getting your desired results from your abrasives products, you might be using the wrong specifications. Selecting the correct abrasive specifications for your project is essential. Each application and material is different & we believe should be treated as such.


  • Each application & material has the optium abrasive product allow us to find or create yours.
  • Fill out the Technical Data Request Form here.
  • Send your current products &  your desired requirements to our lab and allow us to get started.
  • Contact us here at: to request your product analysis.
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Choosing the Correct Abrasive

Selecting the correct abrasive product for your project is essential. However,  with an almost incomprehensible array of products to choose from, this can be more complicated than expected. 


  • Abrasives are manufactured. This means that when we manufacture our abrasives products, every aspect is prepared for a particular reason. If you feel that you are not getting the benefits that you expected with your generic abrasive products you may be correct. 
  • However, For each material and application there is an abrasive wheel that ensures optimal grinding results. Using an ill-suited product can cost you both time and money.


We know that our customers are working to tight tolerences, machining tricky features on highly specific materials. This all means that your abrasive products must be adapted to your requirements. To provide you with the best abrasive solution for your requirements we provide our product analysis feature.

To provide you with improved results, we take a sample of the abrasive products you are currently using for analysis.This along with your description of your desired requirements means that we can examine whether there is a better abrasives solution for your specific needs. Once  this is established we use our 25+ years of experience to develop the perfect abrasive solution for your needs.

To make use of this feature, just download the form, fill out this Technical Data Request Form, with your requirements and send it in to us at along with a sample of the product which you are currently using.