Product analysis

åtto abrasives can analyse the products which you are currently using in order to custom manufacture an abrasive solution for your specific requirements.

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Here at åtto abrasives our technical team can analyse the products which you are currently using.

By doing so we can either recommend or custom create an abrasive product that will better suit your requirements.


For each material and application there is an abrasive wheel that ensures optimal grinding results. Using an ill-suited product can cost you both time an money. However it can be difficult to know if the product which you are using is optimum, without knowing what is available for you. Grinding wheels and other bonded abrasives have two major components-the abrasive grains that do the actual cutting and the bond that holds the grains together and supports them while they cut. The percentages of grain and bond and their spacing in the wheel determine the wheel’s structure. This percentage can be customized to suit the material you are working with.


The job in selecting the optimum abrasives product is to identify the material being worked. From this, we can judge the hardness of the material you’ll be working with, which allows us to determine what percentages of grains & bond to use. There are numerous different products which can be made by varying these bonds and abrasives. We work on developing a customised abrasive which will be the optimum product for your specific material and application.