åtto Polymer Bonded Wheels

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åtto Polymer Bonded Wheels

Formulated using polymer bonding systems, our wheels can be operated at higher speeds for optimum productivity.

Also available in dual & multi-zone options for grinding and polishing in a single pass.

Send requests to: michaeledward@attoabrasives.com


  • Diameter:
    • Up to 900mm (35”)


  • Available in Type-1, Type-2 & Cup Shapes to suit most cutlery grinding machines
  • Special shapes, mounting systems & grinding face angles can be supplied


  • Manufactured in a full range of specifications, abrasive grit sizes & designations
  • Custom formulated for optimum performance

Machine Types

  • Berger
  • Siepmann
  • Cozzini
  • Custom Built Machines