Cork Bonded 304.8 x 152.5 x 127mm

Cork Bonded Centerless Wheel 

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centerless grinding Cork Bonded 304.8 x 152.5 x 127mm Grinding wheel

At åtto Abrasives we manufacture a range of Cork-Bonded centerless polishing & grinding wheels to meet the unique requirements of our customers. 

Our Cork Bonded grinding wheels combine the properties of natural cork particles & abrasive grits.  The abrasive grits and cork particles are combinded in a rubber matrix to make the cork bonded grinding wheel. These wheels are available in various specifications. Different specifications suit different materials being worked and provide the optimum finish. These grinding wheels are used in the centerless grinding process. The centreless grinding process is ideally suited to applications requiring high production rates of cylindrical components.

These centerless grinding applications include the manufacturing of: taper roller bearings, chrome bar, shafts, tubing, etc. Centreless grinding has evolved to include, thru- feed, in-feed and end-feed centreless grinding & polishing.  The åtto abrasives range of centerless grinding products are manufactured in a calendering process in order to achieve optimum performance levels. These regulating wheels are available in various specifications in order to match the material you are working with.

The atto centerless range are perfectly suited for in-feed, end-feed and through-feed applications, and provide:

  •  Customized specifications are available for infeed, end-feed & through-feed applications depending on your requirements.
  • Complete range of specifications are available. This allows us to provide you with the correct specifications for your application.
  • Remember it is important to get the correct abrasive for your requirement. Here at åtto abrasives we can tailor our products to suit any particular need & application.

Additional information

Weight 18.0 kg


Polishing & super-finishing of components including:

  • Taper Roller Bearings
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Piston Rings
  • Steering Rods, etc.


Diameter 50 – 660mm
Thickness 20 – 800mm

  • Special sizes & shapes also available
  • Composite & multi-zone wheels manufactured


  • Specifications available for grinding, polishing and super-finishing
  • Conventional & ceramic abrasive grits included
  • Composite or zoned wheels for grinding & polishing in a single pass

Machine Types

  • Koyo
  • Churchill
  • Ghiringhelli
  • Glebar
  • Royal Master
  • Cincinnati
  • Lidkoping
  • Estarta

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