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atto abrasives & NASA Mars 2020 Mission

atto abrasives precision cutting

åtto abrasives & NASA Mars 2020 Mission

What is the ultimate test your products can face?

We develop different tests to ensure that our products meet the highest standards, are safe and trustworthy. But what is the actual toughest test that products can face?

The Perseverance rover (aka Percy) will  travel to Mars to seek signs of ancient life and collect rock and soil samples for possible return to Earth.This is a Mission with a duration of at least 687 Earth days or one Mars year.

During this time the rover will depart from Cape Canaveral, travel through the Earths atmosphere, journey to Jezero Crater, Mars, land travel across unexplored terrain and seek signs of ancient life. We cannot develop a more comprehensive product test than this.

For this mission  to be a success NASA requires the best products be used in the making of the Perseverance rover. Many companies both large & small played a role in this project. To ensure the most technically advanced rover was created abrasive cut-off wheels play a key role.

åtto abrasives cut-off wheels played a key role in the manufacturing process for the specialised aerospace fasteners developed by Pilgrim screw corp specifically for this NASA Mars 2020 mission. 

 Perseverance rover (aka Percy)

atto abrasives cut-off wheels

We do not believe you can receive a better review or recommendation for our products than knowing they are used in the manufacturing of the most advanced mission to Mars so far. 

But if you want to learn more about our precision cutting range you can learn more by selecting the button below.

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Metallurgy consumables range åtto Abrasives

Metallurgy consumables range åtto abrasives

Atto metallurgy consumables play a key part in metallurgical sampling. Metallurgical Sampling is a key part of Metallography and metal testing. Metallography is the study of the microstructure of metals. Metallography is used to determine if the material has been properly prepared and is of a reliable structure. This is essential in todays fast changing industries with everchanging metallic materials being used.

The finished material can be affected by different factors ranging from alloy composition to processing conditions such as; cold working, heat treatment, and welding. Therefore for industries such as aerospace & automotive it is essential to test the quality of metal materials being used.

Metallurgical Sampling

When testing metals, a sample is taken from the metal being tested, this refers to the metallurgical sampling. When doing this,  it is important to use the correct cutting wheel (metallurgy consumable) for the material being tested. Choosing a metallurgical sampling wheel involves considering  factors such as surface speed (SFM) for a given wheel diameter and the type of cooling system employed.

However, the primary factor is the hardness of the material being cut. There are several different hardness charts which you may use.  We use the Vickers Hardness HV scale, but you can easily find conversion charts.

By selecting the correct wheel to match the material being tested  you avoid making any changes to the metallurgical sample. Using the incorrect metallurgical cutting wheel can lead to burning or altering of the material before tests are carried out. 

At åtto Abrasives we have developed our range of resinoid and rubber bonded precision cut-off wheels to match all types of metallic metals. These include metallurgical sampling cut-off wheels for ferrous & non ferrous metals as well as hard and soft metals.

 The åtto Abrasives metallurgial sampling range can be matched to the specific material that you are testing. Four Specifications each matching a
specific range of material hardnesses are available here.
N – Soft Ferrous Metals 0 – 300 (HV)
M – Medium Ferrous Metals 300 – 500 (HV)
L – Hard Ferrous Metals 500+ (HV)
Q – Non-Ferrous 0 – 300(HV)

These will provide a burr-free high precision cut. While they will also generate little to no heat. The åtto abrasives range is available in a wide range of sizes depending on your requirements.

For technical support or for just more advice on product selection and usage feel free to reach out to us. By email, phone or through the contact form here.