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Why use Rubber bonded cut off wheels

Rubber bonded cutting wheels

Rubber Bonded Cutting Wheel Range

åtto abrasives

At åtto Abrasives we manufacture a range of cut-off wheels (åtto  abrasives precision cutting range) to meet the unique requirements of our customers. We have a wide variety of bonds and specifications availablem and the capacity to create customised products.

But why use these rubber bonded cutting products? Rubber-bonded cut-off wheels are used wherever high demands on the cut and the dimensional accuracy of the cut are made. 

åtto abrasives Rubber bonded cut-off wheels questions

  • Why use Rubber Bonded Cut-off wheels?

åtto abrasives Rubber bonded abrasive cutting wheels are manufactured to allow low temperature, precision cutting of a wide variety of materials. This will allow you to cut a wide variety of metals. By operating at low temperatures no buring during cutting will occur.

  • What are the Benefits of using a rubber-bonded cutting wheel?

Rubber bonded cutting wheels provide a variety of different benefits. These include:

  • Precise Burr Free Cut
  • No Alteration of Material Characteristics
  • High Operating Speed
  • Superior Finish
  • Minimum Heating
  •  Long Wheel Life
  • Cost-Effective
  • Are Rubber bonded cutting wheels used with a coolant?

These wheels are best suited for cutting with a coolant. The åtto abrasives range also provides cutting wheels suitable for dry cutting. The recommended coolant to use is with water and a 3% soluble rust inhibitor added. Oil based coolants are not recommended.

  • What is the maximum operating speed for rubber cutting wheels?

Always check the speed specified with the wheels before use. Most rubber cutting wheels are rated to 60 m/sec but special bonds are available for higher speeds. The recommended operating speed for each atto abrasive cutting wheel will be displayed with the products.

  • What is the recommended operating speed for rubber cutting wheels?

Rubber cutting wheels perform best at between 40% and 60% of the maximum operating speed. Never exceed the stated maximum operating speed. The Cutting speeds vary according to section size and material being cut, the recommended operating speed will be displayed with the cutting wheel.

The åtto  abrasives range of precision cutting products have been developed by our technical and R&D teams, over our 25+ years experience. These products are specifically manufactured to match the metallic materials which they are cutting.

When working with tight tolerances and tricky metals, it is important to select the correct cutting product for the material you are working with.

atto abrasives precision cutting

To get the best product to suit your specific needs our technical team can select a suitable abrasive type & size as well as the bond type (e.g. Resinoid/Rubber), to create the perfect cut-off wheel for your application.  

If the product you are looking for is not available from our web-shop other sizes and specifications can be manufactured to suit your needs. We can work to a thickness tolerance of 0.02 mm so send in your requirements here and let us assist you.