åtto åsure™ Diamond Polishing Wheels

åtto åsure™

For Polishing Drill Bits, End Mills & other Cutting Tools

åtto åsure diamond polishing wheels are specifically designed for polishing end mills, reamers, drill bits and other cutting tools and products made from carbide, and other difficult to grind materials.
A high concentration of Diamond grit is presented in a custom formulated flexible bond, engineered specifically for use on carbide cutting tools, to produce a consistent, flawless, mirrored finish.

image The smooth, mirror finish produced by åtto åsure polishing wheels reduces heat and friction during tool use by ensuring unobstructed chip flow along the flute of the tool. This results in tools maintaining sharpness, cleaner, better quality cutting, and extended tool life.

A specially formulated, flexible bond means that åtto åsure wheels maintain diameter and do not compress during operation. Therefore standard truing and dressing is possible, resulting in less downtime and maintenance of machinery than with some other diamond polishing wheels.


  • Specially engineered for polishing of carbide and other cutting tool materials
  • Ideal for flute and cutting edge polishing of carbide cutting tools
  • Capable of providing mirrored finish for clean, consistent cutting and extended tool life
  • Suitable for use on automated CNC machines or in manual applications


åtto åsure diamond polishing wheels are specifically designed for grinding and polishing of hard materials such as Tungsten Carbide. Common applications include the manufacture of industrial tools and threading tools, where high stock removal rates, and a consistent, mirrored finish, are key requirements.