åtto Abrasives Centreless Grinding Wheels

åtto Abrasives is a long-established manufacturer of abrasive wheels for centreless grinding applications.

The åtto range includes:

  • Centreless Regulating/Feed/Control Wheels:                           
  • Our Calendared rubber regulating wheels offer extended wheel life, excellent traction and consistent wear. Available in all sizes and specifications for thru-feed, plunge and end-feed applications.
  • Centreless Work Wheels:                                                                 
  • Our Rubber & Cork bonded work wheels are designed to produce precision, excellent finishes, where part roundness is critical. Widely used in the production of roller bearings, shock absorber rods and chrome bars.
  • Cored Regulating Wheels:                                                                 
  • åtto are specialists, in the manufacture of products to meet customer specific requirements. Our range of Regulating and Work wheels are available with steel and aluminium cores for precision applications where strict tolerances are essential, especially for medical devices.
  • Slotted Regulating Wheels:  
  • Fastener producers are well aware of the need to have reliable slotted regulating wheels on their centreless grinders. åtto provides them a range of solutions with both single and double slots giving them faster processing times without compromising quality.

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