Why you need customized products

Across all manufacturing sectors the pace of innovation is accelerating. Technological advances are yielding novel materials and introducing new manufacturing techniques. Product life cycles are reducing and companies are manufacturing more product variations to satisfy niche target markets.

Engineers are required to utilise novel materials, manufacture to tighter tolerances, while achieving superior surface finishes and increased product reliability. Frequently these demands pose new challenges for Design & Production Engineers.

The traditional abrasives used for cutting, grinding and polishing may no longer be appropriate or optimum for the required task.

At åtto Abrasives, we recognize the need to tailor our products to meet customer requirements. Over many years we have united with customers to research and develop customized abrasives. With an array of bonding systems (rubber, resin, cork, polymer, etc.) and a full selection of abrasive grit types we can devise the ideal abrasive product.

Beryllium, Technical Ceramics, Palladium

In partnership with you, our research team is available to custom formulate and develop the optimum abrasive product for your specific application.

Here at atto abrasives we have the ability to customizes all our product ranges. 

Our products are available in a variety  of different shapes and sizes in order to suit your specific requirements.

New Product Developments and R&D

Our Research & Development team works hard to develop new and improved products for cutting, grinding & polishing applications. We constantly generate new customized formulations for optimum performance.

This includes new specifications for resin bonded cutting wheels for high precision cutting applications.

Grinding & Polishing wheels for Bearing manufacturing,

Ultra-thin precision cutting wheels, and many more.

To engage with us on R&D projects use the button or forms below to contact us directly.