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åtto åxiom™ Polishing Wheels for Saw Blades


åtto åxiom™

Polishing Wheels for Saw Blades

The åtto Abrasives åxiom range of polishing wheels for saw blades.
Available in both Rubber and Cork bonds, the åxiom range have been specifically designed and engineered to offer the most cost effective, consistent solution available for polishing of Saw Blades, with specifications available to achieve any desired finish.

Advantages of the åtto åxiom Range:

  • Consistent performance & long wheel life
  • Engineered specifically for polishing of Saw Blades
  • Based on proven åtto formulations
  • Range of grit sizes available for any desired finish
  • Suitable for use either with or without coolants
  • Suitable for CNC polishing machines and traditional manual applications
  • Available in Rubber and Cork bonds depending on customer requirements
  • Consistent finish and even wear for the lifetime of the wheel

Special Requirements

For customers with specific requirements, åtto offer technical consulting services, enabling customers to avail of our extensive engineering & formulation expertise and ensuring our wheels offer maximum performance and consistent results.

Talk to one of our product development specialists. We offer unparalleled customer service and support including in-house analysis of materials, testing of prototypes, & on-site support to ensure our wheels meet even the most demanding requirements.


The åtto åxiom range is suitable for wet or dry grinding and polishing of saw blades in either Manual, Automatic or Robotic machines.

åtto åxiom wheels offer a flexible bond while maintaining abrasive properties, thus offering excellent stock removal for applications including finishing, removal of scratch marks, mill scale, discolouration, welding marks and beads, soldering residue and for reconditioning of used saw blades.



  • Stainless Steel
  • Hardened Steel
  • HSS
  • Non-ferrous Metals
  • Steel


Types: Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide
Hardness: K to T
Grit Sizes: from 24 to 400 (FEPA)
Diameter: from 50 to 610 mm
Thickness: from 10 to 100 mm
Shapes: Types 1, 5, 7
Bore: as requested
Flexibility: Flexible & Rigid options