Surgical Blades & Knives

Specific applications where åtto is delivering value & excellent surface finishes include:

  • Superior Quality Finish on Swiss Army Knives with our range of rubber bonded type 2 polishing wheels. 
  • Effective stock removal combined with an excellent surface finish.  


  • Available in single & multi zone options for more efficient processing.
  • Saw Blade Manufacture & Sharpening with our range of cork wheels, ideal for saw blade manufacture & blade sharpening.

Saw Blade Polishing

The åtto åxiom range of cork and rubber bonded polishing wheels has been specifically designed and engineered for the finishing of saw blades. Based on proven åtto formulations, the åxiom range offers the most cost-efficient and consistent solution for the polishing of saw blades.

  • They are available in cork and rubber bonds.
  • Special Sizes & Specifications are available to be manufactured on request.

Cork Polishing Wheel KF711

We now offer a New Generation of Cork Polishing Wheels, the KF711 range. Designed for the finishing of a wide range of materials, this range is ideally suited for the polishing of saw blades, cutlery, turbine blades, as well as medical implants.

  • Suitable for wet or dry grinding.
  • Grit Sizes: from 36 to 1,000 (FEPA)
  • Suitable for centerless grinding.
  • Offers a polished finish with excellent stock removal.
  • Special Sizes & Specifications are available to be manufactured on request.

åtto Epoxy wheels for Blade Polishing

Part of the åtto Epoxy and Rubber Bonded range, are products specifically manufactured for Razor and Strip Grinding of Blades. åtto Two-Zone wheels grind with the speed of Epoxy wheels, while simultaneously polish with the finishing rubber layer. This leaves a Super Finish with excellent corrosion resistance.

Industrial blades are required for a broad range of applications and industries, which Include: 

  • Food processing
  • Textile cutting
  • Woodworking
  • Medical blades & scalpels, etc.

Directly and through our worldwide distribution network, åtto supports many of the global leaders with our premium quality abrasive products.