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Collection: Centerless Grinding

åtto Abrasives is a long-established manufacturer of abrasive wheels for centreless grinding applications.

The åtto Abrasives range includes:

  • Centreless Regulating/Feed/Control Wheels                          
  • Our Calendared rubber regulating wheels offer extended wheel life, excellent traction and consistent wear. Available in all sizes and specifications for thru-feed, plunge and end-feed applications.
  • Centreless Work Wheels:                                                                 
  • Our Rubber & Cork bonded work wheels are designed to produce precision, excellent finishes, where part roundness is critical. Widely used in the production of roller bearings, shock absorber rods and chrome bars.
  • Cored Regulating Wheels:                                                                 
  • åtto are specialists, in the manufacture of products to meet customer specific requirements. Our range of Regulating and Work wheels are available with steel and aluminium cores for precision applications where strict tolerances are essential, especially for medical devices.
  • Slotted Regulating Wheels:  
  • Fastener producers are well aware of the need to have reliable slotted regulating wheels on their centreless grinders. åtto provides them a range of solutions with both single and double slots giving them faster processing times without compromising quality.

    åtto abrasives centerless grinding

    åtto Abrasives is a long-established manufacturer of abrasive wheels for centerless grinding applications.Our range includes;

    • Centerless grinding Work Wheels: in rubber & cork specifications for Grinding & Polishing Applications
    • Centerless grinding Regulating (Control) Wheels: to control the rotation of the workpiece in centerless grinding.
    • Cored Centerless Work Wheels. These are regulating wheels with a steel core for easier mounting ability.
    • For all products we can provide high levels of customization in order to suit the strictest requirements.

    What is Centerless Grinding?

    Centerless Grinding is an OD (Outside Diameter) grinding process. This process is unique in that the workpiece (component) is not mechanically held in position but rests on a support blade. The rotation of the component is controlled by the regulating wheel (control wheel). The larger work wheel (grinding or polishing wheel) rotating at a higher speed achieves the required stock removal and surface finish.

    Centreless grinding process is ideally suited to applications requiring high production rates of cylindrical components. These include but are not limited to the manufacturing of: taper roller bearings, chrome bar, shafts, tubing, hypodermic needles etc.

    Centerless grinding plays a key role in the automotive and aerospace industries.Centreless grinding has evolved to include three different forms: thru-feed, in-feed and end-feed centreless grinding & polishing.  

    What is centerless grinding atto abrasives

    åtto abrasives centerless grinding range

    When it comes to attaining the best roundness, dimensional tolerance and surface finish for barstock, centerless grinding is the clear choice among machine operators. 

    Therefore åtto abrasives rubber bonded centreless work wheels are available in various specifications to suit the material being ground.

    it is important to select the correct abrasives for the material being worked. For this reason we provide a wide range of products with:

    • Grit sizes available form 54 – 400
    • Grades, K,L,M,N,Q
    • Bonds rubber & resin
    • Grit types, A, WA, WAA, C & CA available

    atto abrasives centerless grinding wheelscenterless grinding wheel atto abrasives speciality centerless grinding wheels atto abrasives