Grinding Wheel Selection

How to choose your optimum grinding wheel? To ensure that you are achieving the required finished, part quality with the optimum cycle time you need the optimum wheel for your application. Correct grinding wheel selection is essential. When making a selection, the most appropriate factors to consider are;

  • Abrasive grit type & size
  • Bond structure
  • Hardness & friability

At åtto Abrasives we manufacture our range of Grinding wheels to meet the unique requirements of our customers. We have a wide variety of bonds and specifications available. If you have a specific requirement, we have the ability to make a customized product to specifically match  your needs. 

  • For more assistance regarding product matching or to request customized products use the Product Matching & Customization form below.

Grinding Wheel Basics

What is a grinding wheel? Two important components make up any grinding wheel, these are: 1) abrasive grains and 2) bonding agents. Grinding wheels  are wheels consisting of sharp abrasive grains held together by a bonding matric (rubber, resin or polymer bond). 

How does a grinding wheel work? Grinding wheels  are wheels consisting of sharp abrasive grains held together by a bonding agent. As this grinding wheel rotates the sharp abrasive particles grind on the material being worked. As the wheel operates, the wheel erodes to expose a fresh layer of sharp abrasive grains. These grains perform the cutting function of the wheel. This is why it is important for the grinding wheel to be manufactured correctly and balanced in order for these grains to be consistant throughout the wheel.

Why use grinding wheels? With technical demands on production continuing to become more stringent. Grinding processes can offer many unique benefits for both high-volume manufacturers and small job shops alike. These benefits include tighter tolerances & process flexibility.

Why use åtto abrasive grinding wheels? åtto abrasives is a leading manufacturer of quality specialist customized abrasive grinding wheels. We have over twenty-five years of experience in the abrasives industry. We use this experience to custom create our products to the highest quality.

åtto abrasive bonds are formulated to give the grinding wheel strength and a consistent wear rate for optimum grinding performance.

Our technical experts optimise key performance factors. These include, bond type, density, porosity, abrasive grit, etc.  to formulate grinding wheels for specific applications.

  • We can create a grinding wheel to match your specific application and operating requirements (Request Quote here)

Rubber bonded Grinding wheels.

The åtto abrasives standard range of rubber bonded grinding wheels are offered in diameters up to 508 mm / 20” just let us know the sizes you require and we will manufacture the product as required to tight tolerances.

  • Available in reinforced & non reinforced forms
  • Including Rigid, Semi- flexible & Flexible bonds
  • Customized sizes, shapes & formulations upon request
  • Special faces & slots available on request

Benefits Include:

  • Grades available for the grinding of all metallic types
  • Provide a Superior finish
  • Are a cost effective grinding solution
  • Are available as composite wheels, with the capacity to grind & polish in a single pass.

Centerless Rubber Bonded Grinding wheels

åtto Centerless rubber bonded wheels are formulated with a rubber bond for optimum performance. For centerless grinding applications, our rubber bond technology is designed to deliver superior results relative to many vitrified and resin wheels.

åtto abrasives Centerless grinding wheels are used for the polishing & grinding of many cylindrical shapes which require a high precision finish. These include: Taper Roller Bearings Ball Bearings, Shock Absorbers, Piston Rings, Steering rods and many more applications, across industries such as aerospace, automotive & medical device manufacturing to name just a few.

Sizes & Shapes

Polymer Bonded Grinding wheels

Formulated using polymer bonding systems, Polymer bonded wheels can be operated at higher speeds for optimum productivity.

They are suitable for both grinding and polishing applications. These products are also available in dual & multi-zone options to enable grinding and polishing in a single pass thereby reducing your set-up and loading times.

  • Available in sizes up to diameter 900mm (35.4″ inches).
  • Type-1, Type-2 & Cup shapes available (see image for shapes)
  • Special shapes, mounting systems & grinding face angles can be manufactured.
  • Custom formulated for optimum performance.
  • Full range of specifications, abrasive grits & designations available to fulfill all requirements.

åtto abrasives Flute Grinding wheels

åtto  Flute grinding wheels are available in a wide range of bonds. These include High-Density bonds for fast cool grinding, longer wheel life and higher quality finishes.

Flexible bonds are available for Flute grinding & polishing where finer finishes are needed.

  • Suitable for Flute grinding. Clearance grinding, Chamfering, Squaring, Polishing and Pointing.
    Used for the grinding of Drills, Taps, Reamers, End Mills, etc.

Cork Polishing & Grinding wheels

The åtto KF711 Cork wheel range is suitable for the wet and dry grinding, polishing and centerless grinding. They are commonly used for grinding and polishing, saw blades, cutlery, turbine blades, as well as medical implants. 

The åtto KF711 products offer a flexible bond while maintaining abrasive properties. this means that they can offer a polished finish with excellent stock removal. They are suitable for use on Manual, Automatic and Robotic machines.

The special composition of the KF711 allows the wheel to adapt to varying conditions without generating excess heat or loading.

åtto Quick Change Discs (QCD's)

QCDs are highly effective for the grinding and polishing of various metals. For example, stainless steels and titanium. In addition you can achieve reduced mounting time and increased flexibility when using air tools. 

Whether doing heavy stock removal or polishing, åtto Abrasives offer a wide selection of approved specifications for:

  • Blending
  • Cleaning
  • De-burring
  • Final Finishing
  • Surface Preparation


Grit Types: Aluminium Oxide & Silicon Carbide

  • Diameter: from 25.4 to 76mm
  • Thickness: from 4 to 6mm
  • Shapes: diverse mounting options available.

åtto abrasives Mounted Points

åtto Abrasives now offers an extended range of rubber bonded mounted points. The åtto mounted points are manufactured using both Synthetic and Natural rubbers.

They are formulated to provide maximum working life combined with a superior finish. The åtto mounted points for grinding and polishing applications do not load or smear and provide a consistent surface finish.

åtto Abrasives mounted points are ideal for achieving a satin and polished finish. The points are suitable for de-burring, blending and mottling They are also perfect for removing rough areas, small burrs and scratch marks.

This makes them an ideal choice for applications in stainless steel fabrication (dairy, pharmaceutical), automotive, aerospace, cutlery and jewelry sectors.