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Collection: Rubber cutting discs

åtto Rubber cutting discs

Are formulated to cut a wide array of materials and are ideally suited for wet cutting applications that require:

  • Fast,
  • Accurate 
  • Consistent Cutting
  • With minimum heat build up.

Our Rubber-Bonded cut-off range has been developed and perfected by our technical and R&D teams. To get the best product to suit your specific needs our technical team makes use of a wide variety of abrasive Grit types, sizes and grades to create the perfect cut-off wheel for your purpose.

These wheels are used for many applications across a range of industries. They are used within the aerospace and medical industries for  cutting applications including the burr-free cutting of: 

 Precision Tubes Electrical Contacts
Fasteners Control Cables
Hypodermic Needles Collet Slotting

Benefits of the rubber-bonded cutting wheel include:

  • Precise Burr Free Cut
  • No Alteration of Material Characteristics
  • High Operating Speed
  • Superior Finish
  • Minimum Heating
  •  Long Wheel Life
  • Cost-Effective