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åtto abrasives innovation & product ranges

Here, at åtto abrasives we have a broad selection of proven bonded abrasive products. Our products are used to cut, grind and polish a vast range of delicate materials with extreme precision, across a variety of industries. We are constantly making improvements to our products and developing further products to solve our customers requirements. You can learn more about our products and expertise in our news section here.

atto abrasives provides customized abrasive solutions

Customized Products

abrasive cutting wheels for metallography
Customized Products

Knife & Blade Products

Knives & Blades

Speciality Products

Speciality Engineering

Customized Products

Cored regulating wheel centerless grinding
Customized Products

Knife & Blade Products

Knives & Blades


Speciality Engineering

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Yes, For all orders we can send them internationally using your courrier account details Just select the local pickup option in the store and provide us with your preferred courrier details.

Alertantively contact us directly at


Our speciality is in creating custom manufactured products. Just provide us with the details using the form above and we will provide you with a quotation.

Or if you prefer contact us by using the email below.


Contact us using the form on the page above with your requirements and we will provide you with a quotation for a bulk order.

Or if you prefer contact us by using the email below.

We provide a wide range of products for Grinding, Polishing, Cutting, Metallurgical Sampling & Centerless Grinding. You can visit the following pages to see more of our range.

In addition to these ranges we develop custom abrasive solutions for our customers specific requirements. If you are looking for a specific product you can request a quotqtion by filling out the form here.

The Benefits for atto abrasives distributors include but are not limited to the following:

– New Product Information

– Educational & Promotional Literature online promotional posts

– Custom promotional literature with joint logos

Benefits to distributors in joining the atto global distributor network include:

  • Custom stencilling of logos onto certain products.
  • Safety data forms for relevant products
  • Wheels mounted, balanced, labelled and ready to use.
  • Technical back-up if required.
  • Bulk ordering discounts
  • Access to extensive Grinding, polishing, regulating & cutting ranges and priority access to new product launches.
  • If you have any special requirements as a distributor email your needs to us here at :

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