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Collection: Precision Grinding Wheels

åtto abrasive precision grinding wheels are specifically designed to consistently achieve precise finishes and tight tolerances. 

åtto abrasive bonds are formulated to give the precision grinding wheel strength and a consistent wear rate for optimum grinding performance.

We manufacture grinding wheels in a variety of different ranges including:


Rubber bonded grinding wheels

The åtto abrasives standard range of rubber bonded grinding wheels are offered in diameters up to 508 mm / 20” 

Centerless rubber bonded grinding wheels

åtto abrasives Centerless grinding wheels are used for the polishing & grinding of many cylindrical shapes which require a high precision finish.

Polymer bonded grinding wheels

Polymer bonded wheels can be operated at higher speeds for optimum productivity. Available in sizes up to diameter 900mm (35.4″ inches).

Flute grinding wheels

åtto  Flute grinding wheels are available in a wide range of bonds. These include High-Density bonds for fast cool grinding, longer wheel life and higher quality finishes

Cork Polishing & Grinding wheels

The åtto KF711 Cork wheel range is suitable for the wet and dry grinding, polishing and centerless grinding. They are commonly used for grinding and polishing, saw blades, cutlery, turbine blades, as well as medical implants. 


Our range of grinding wheels are available in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes to match each particular requirement.

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