Precision Cutting Range

åtto abrasives is a premium manufacturer of Rubber & Resin Bonded Cut-Off wheels with facilities in Europe and North America. Our products are used to cut a vast range of materials with extreme precision. åtto has a broad selection of proven precision cutting wheels, Including: rubber-bonded cut-off wheels, resin-bonded cut-off wheels and a vast range of metallurgical sampling products for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

These have been developed by our technical and R&D teams throughout our twenty-five years of abrasive experience. Upgrades and improvements are being made all the time, visit our news section to learn more. To get the best product to suit your specific needs our technical team can select a suitable abrasive type & size as well as the bond type (e.g. Resinoid/Rubber), to create the perfect cut-off wheel for your application.  If the product you are looking for is not available from our web-shop other sizes and specifications can be manufactured to suit your needs. You can request a quotation for special items here.

At åtto Abrasives we manufacture a range of cut-off wheels to meet the unique requirements of our customers. We have a wide variety of bonds and specifications available for customized products. If you have a specific requirement, we have the ability to make a wheel  for your needs.

Resin-Bonded Cut-Off wheels

Resin Bonded Precision Cutting Wheels are most suitable for precision cutting applications. These include the precision dry cutting of: medical tubes, hypodermic needles, metallurgical sampling and other applications. They are also suitable for wet cutting applications.

Benefits include 

  • Cost-Effective Cutting
  • Faster operation
  • Minimum Heating
  • Maximum Reduction of Burr
  • Improved Efficiency

The Resin bond holds the wheels’ abrasive components (e.g. Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide etc.) together and allows the wheel to wear away at a specific rate, releasing the abrasive particles for the cutting action.

Thanks to our diligent production staff, åtto can produce cutting wheels to a thickness of 0.1mm at a tolerance of +/-0.025mm.

Rubber Bonded Cut-Off wheels

åtto Rubber Bonded Precision Cut-off wheels are formulated to cut a wide array of materials and are ideally suited for wet cutting applications that require:

  • Fast,
  • Accurate 
  • Consistent Cutting
  • With minimum heat build up.

Our Rubber-Bonded cut-off range has been developed and perfected by our technical and R&D teams. To get the best product to suit your specific needs our technical team makes use of a wide variety of abrasive Grit types, sizes and grades to create the perfect cut-off wheel for your purpose.

These wheels are used for many applications across a range of industries. They are used within the aerospace and medical industries for  cutting applications including the burr-free cutting of:  – Precision Tubes, – Electrical Contacts, – Fasteners, – Control Cables, – Hypodermic Needles, – Collet Slotting & many more.

Benefits of the rubber-bonded cutting wheel include:

  • Precise Burr Free Cut
  • No Alteration of Material Characteristics
  • High Operating Speed
  • Superior Finish
  • Minimum Heating
  • Long Wheel Life
  • Cost-Effective


åtto Abrasives Metallurgical Consumables

Metallography is the study of the microstructure of metals. This is essential for key industries such as automotive, aerospace and new materials development. Metallography is used to determine if the material has been properly prepared and is of a reliable structure.

The finished material can be affected by different factors ranging from alloy composition to processing conditions such as; cold working, heat treatment, and welding. A finished part’s environment can also affect its microstructure and cause problems such as corrosion and decarburization. The åtto range provides cutting wheels specifically matched to metallic types to ensure minimum material changes.

Technical Specifications:

At åtto Abrasives we manufacture a range of Metallurgical Sampling wheels to meet the unique requirements of our customers. To match their needs, we employ a variety of abrasive grit types (e.g. A, WA, C & GC), grit sizes (60-400 FEPA) and Resin bonds to formulate our unique range of  Metallurgical Sampling wheels, for cutting both ferrous and non-ferrous materials of varying degrees of hardness.

Correct Matchings

Choosing the cut-off wheel involves considering factors such as surface speed (SFM) for given wheel diameter and the type of cooling system employed. However the primary factor is the hardness of the material being cut.

The abrasive cut-off wheel specifications must be appropriate for your specific material.

We take the vast variety of materials and hardness levels into consideration and have a wheel to match every requirement. Including both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials

Metallurgical Sampling cut-off wheels
åtto Abrasives Metallurgical Sampling cut-off wheels range

Ferrous metals =  Metals that contain iron. Some examples include: steel, carbon steel, light iron and cast iron. 

Non-Ferrous metals =  Metals that do not contain any iron. Some examples include: aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, brass, gold, nickel, silver, tin, lead, and zinc.

One simple test you can use to discover which type  (ferrous or non-ferrrous),  the metal you are working, is to see whether or not it is magnetic.

Ferrous metals = magnetic

Non-Ferrous metals = not magnetic

Below are brief examples of some ferrous and non-ferrous metals. For assistance in finding the correct product for your requirements or for any additional queries use the Product Matching & Customization Form to contact us.